Assignments can be tedious. Copying from your friend before class starts is not ideal. Here are ways you can finish your mathematics, reading and essay assignments.

A. Cheating on Mathematics Assignment or Short – Word Answers.

  1. Form a small group

Work on assignments with a small group of brilliant students. This is the best way to get assignments done quickly. Share the questions among yourselves and let everyone submit their answers. Make little amendments to avoid you all writing the same thing.

  1. Change the wording of your answers.

When you copy someone’s assignment, avoid copying it words for words to avoid suspicion. You can make little changes, i.e., if a correct answer to a question is “The name of my teacher is Brian”, you can say “Brian is my teacher’s name”.

  1. Google the answers.

Answers to numerous questions are on the internet. You can Google the questions to get answers to your assignment or use assignment services at domyhomework123. They are cheap and indeed helpful.

  1. Get tutoring help instead.

You can join an after-school tutorial to get more help. Some tutorials are free while some are paid for.

B. Reading Fast

1. If you must skip anything, not the first and last paragraphs

To quickly read through a novel for class, you need to read the opening and closing paragraphs. This will make you have a gist of what the story is about. Then, bring class a fraction of the novel you’ve read for discussion.

2. Read with friends.

Do you have a long novel to read? To quickly get that done, create a small group, assign some pages of the novel to your friends and take some too. Let each one summarize what he/she has learned while others take notes. By this, everyone has the work done already.

3. Watch the movie.

Check for a movie that has the same characters, themes and plotlines with the novel you are reading. Sit back and watch while you take notes.

4. Contribute to class.

Are you struggling to read a novel? Read a part of the book, preferably the middle of the novel. In class, raise your hand and say something on where you read (pointing out the exact page). This will pose to others that you have read it.

C. Cheating on essays

1. “Translate” the sentences into your own words.

When an old essay is found online, ensure the response to the topic is not obsolete.

Also, don’t copy and paste the essay to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Read and rephrase the sentences, sieve out unnecessary words used and do more research to add to your knowledge.

2. Thoroughly understand the topic

After getting a resource to use, make sure you understand what the topic is about so that your teacher can be convinced you know the topic.

3. Follow the instructions of the assignment.

No matter how hard you try to put great articles together, if you go against the instructions, you will be graded poorly. Hence, follow the assignments’ instructions.

How to cheat on assignments

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