There is no one way of learning. This is also true for homework as there are different types of homework. Homework helps students develop time management and task completing skills, although the major reason why teachers give these assignments is to assist students to retain what they learn in class.

In the United States, there are four recognized forms of homework, these include:

  1. Practice homework is perhaps the kind of homework that your kids bring home the most. It aims to reinforce what is taught in class.  As a result, it helps the young ones become more proficient with certain skills. This type ensures that homework is used for practice and not used to learn new lessons. For kids, draw out the simple skills.  They will form the foundations for complex skills and help them develop it. Also, help them go over missed questions to learn from their mistakes, tell them the reasons why a concept is the way it is. Following this guideline will help the kid develop creative abilities.
  2. Preparatory homework is that which provides opportunities to consolidate learning and prepare students for future academic challenges. It can include learning new vocabulary, reading a topic before their teacher teaches them, etc. Kids can maximize this exercise by taking note of questions while reading ahead of the class and asking the teacher when it’s time.
  3. Extension homework.Tutors give students extension homework to challenge students to put class lessons into practice. It is mostly a long term continuing project that parallels class work. To help kids go through this homework type, guide them through searching through textbooks or additional materials to solve the problem. Also, engage them in various thinking patterns, help them consider possible solutions with available information, etc.
  4. Integration homework is the type that demands that students use a wide range of skills to solve a particular question. It requires a lot of effort and mental abilities. Hence, the students need to be guided on the relevant skills to and not to use. Help them keep tabs on necessary information, plan carefully and efficiently.

To make the most from homework, practice the following tips:

  • Consistency: help them make homework activities a daily routine; provide a special area for study only.
  • Set apart a particular time that is conducive for their homework activities.
  • Organization: make sure their study space is tidy and join them to tidy the area when they have finished their homework every day.
  • Prioritize: help your kids rank their priorities, which should include playtime; else, you will bore and overwork them.
  • Limit homework assistance: do not take charge of homework solving, only guide them through questions; give moral support, and provide them statistics homework help when they are stuck.
Types Of Homework

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